About US

ARBA Technology Pvt. Ltd based at Hyderabad, India is a leading Point of Sale ( POS ) solution provider for the Retail and Cafeteria domain. ARBA Technology is a part of 4 Vision Technology Corporation.


ARBA Retail Systems, Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, was founded in 1984 by successful retail professionals with deep retail domain expertise. They fully understand the needs of retail customers, and have addressed them in a functionally rich ARBA Product Suite. ARBA Retail Systems has worked closely with large and medium retail organizations to help them become more profitable, efficient, and agile businesses. ARBA Retail Systems has been rated as the best of Chicago area business by the USA Local Business Association 3 years in a row.


ARBA Technology Pvt. Ltd based at Hyderabad, India is a division of ARBA Retail Systems and is a leading Point of Sale (POS) solution provider for the Retail and Hospitality domain. Our POS products are designed for use by retailers, jewelry stores, hotel chains, malls, restaurants, grocery stores, electronic stores, gift shops, and souvenier shops.


We have been providing POS systems for over 27 years, and are committed to delivering quality software products and solutions. Our experience in delivering thousands of POS systems allows us to offer you a POS solution which meets your specific requirements.


We at ARBA Retail Systems are experts in effectively and efficiently implementing new point of sale systems, or transitioning your existing cash register into a computerized point of sale system. Whether you operate a chain of restaurants or a single-location store, we have a system for you.