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ARBA is a leading provider of

Retail POS

systems for retail operations. Our

Point of Sale /

POS software

is designed for your retail business - from customer billing at the

point of sale system

to inventory management and item level control.


During our 30 years in business, our

retail pos software

helped thousands of our customers increase revenue and profits, improve customer convenience and loyalty, and optimally operate their


business with the use of our POS Inventory Management system – ARBAPRO. Headquartered in the United States, our mission is to provide the retail businesses in India with the right tools to enable them to be more successful in their retail business operations.


Based on nearly 30 years of retail experience, our

retail management software

is designed to help you make more informed decisions which are critical to the growth of your business. ARBAPRO, as a

retail point of sale

software helps you focus more on your customer purchasing trends, providing you with the ability to shape inventory to meet customer needs and identify ways to improve your profitability. Our system’s ability to manage customer loyalty programs and provide flexible management of tiered discount pricing positively impact your bottom line.


ARBA Retail Pos solutions focus on

retail software

business verticals, including Jewelry Stores, Grocery Store Chains, Hotel Chains, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and Sporting Goods Stores. ARBAPRO is a comprehensive

retail point of sale systems

for managing all aspects of your retail business. Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, it offers fast billing for smooth management of peak traffic and high customer convenience. At the point of sale, ARBAPRO processes cash, credit, and gift cards as methods of customer payment. The system is scalable from a single store management as well as a hypermarket or mall.

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